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What We Do

SVRPCV Committees

The Sacramento Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers want to be a welcoming and understanding home for the greater Peace Corps community. Toward that vision, we lead various committees designed to help advance our mission and bring people together. Take a look at what we do and let us know if you want to get involved!



The SVRPCV Advocacy Committee works with the National Peace Corps Association on its advocacy goals: “to advance policies to expand, improve and embolden the Peace Corps” and “to advocate on other key global issues that impact the lives of people and communities in countries where Peace Corps volunteers served.” NPCA Advocacy Coordinators are a nationwide group of RPCVs who meet with the NPCA Advocacy Director regularly to plan and promote advocacy activities. The committee encourages all members to get involved through the digital newsletter and Facebook.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Participating in the annual National Day of Action in Support of the Peace Corps each March
  • Contacting lawmakers to promote legislation that supports the Peace Corps and returned volunteers
  • Joining advocacy efforts in the greater Sacramento Valley area as directed by the board of SVRPCV.


Funding and Fundraising

The SVRPCV Funding/Fundraising Committee identifies organizations and causes related to community economic development, disaster relief, and global exchange and presents to the board who votes for one organization to support quarterly. When Peace Corps Volunteers are abroad, SVRPCV frequently supports Peace Corps Partnership Projects. Additionally, this committee plans and develops fundraising activities to help sustain SVRPCV events (like international film screenings and the annual Peace Corps Send Off) and continue charitable donations.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying organizations and causes
  • Assisting with Peace Corps calendar sales
  • Designing and selling SVRPCV T-shirt sales
  • Soliciting materials for and organizing gift basket drawings/silent auctions at events
  • Assisting in membership dues collection.


Community Service

The SVRPCV Community Service Committee is committed to developing a network to help RPCVs get involved with local organizations that need volunteer support and global opportunities that benefit from remote support.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Helping interested RPCVs find organizations needing volunteers
  • Organizing and marketing larger group volunteer activities
  • Participating in community service projects.


Social Activities

The SVRPCV Social Committee is responsible for creating a community spirit among Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Sacramento by planning and coordinating a variety of inclusive and welcoming activities through which RPCVs can reminisce about their Peace Corps service experience and meet like-minded individuals.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing and hosting activities like social hour, Adventures in Dining, Virtual Trivia, Annual Picnic/Mid-Winter Dinner
  • Suggesting films and locations for screenings.